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You Klingon Bastards, You Killed Bambi's Mother!

Saw Finding Nemo today. It was fun once; a nice sprinkling of funny bits (the crabs going, "Hey! Hey! Hey-hey-hey!" was the highlight of the movie, but you had to be there), but a story that can be basically summed up as: "They get in trouble; they escape. They get in trouble; they escape. They get in trouble; they escape. They get (Can you guess? that's right!) in trouble; they escape. Then everything is good yay." There was nothing really bad about the movie, there just wasn't that much great about it either. It's no Monsters, Inc., that's for sure.

I saw most of a preview for Brother Bear. I'm guessing it'll be the next furry must-see movie (it's got transformation! it's got quasi-Native-American spiritualism! it's got bears!), but frankly I am tired of "animals good, humans bad" movies. Besides being inaccurate (and strangely bigoted), it's also just plain boring to hear the same tired tune over and over again. One of the great things about The Lion King was that there weren't any humans in it, thus preventing any hamfisted, simplistic, and basically unhelpful messages about disappearing habitats.

Still, I'm less bothered by that, than by the fact that people are actually going to pay to see another "Rugrats" movie that doesn't involve them all getting murdered messily. *shudder* Nickolodeon is evil.

Anyway, I need to get some drawing done. The Mikey/Wally storyline still isn't over yet, because I keep not being able to get strips drawn. I wonder if maybe I shouldn't start running the strip only from September to May, and do summer reruns or something.

-The Gneech
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