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Hmm ... Logistics.

I asked Laurie to stop by Pla-Za tonight on the way home so I could pick up something to tote all these markers around in a reasonably organized fashion. I finally latched on to the "Art Bin Mega-Tote," which is basically six individual plastic trays with little rubber footies, all wrapped in a big blue nylon zip-up cover, very similar to this. I'm not sure how it's going to work out ... it makes carrying the markers around much easier, but they're not exactly easy to access and use once I get wherever I'm going. I'll probably shop around a bit this weekend for other ideas.

Unfortunately, I pencilled and inked a quite nice Dover pic while hanging out at the Rathbun house this evening, got home and pulled out the "deco yellow" marker to start doing the color undercoat, and squiiiidge every spot on his cheetah body smeared all over the pic! Ugh!

At first I thought it was because I used "Staedtler Pigment Liner" pens to do the inking, because I'd left my 08 Micron at home by mistake and that was the closest hantamouse had on hand. However, I've been doing a little experimenting since then and I've found that doing dots with a Micron also smears! What is THAT about? The lines stay just fine, it's just the dots that smear. Weird.

The Dover pic, alas, is pretty much ruined; since it's a commish pic, I figure I'll just trace the ink onto another sheet and color that instead. However, I'm going to see if I can figure out what's up with the Amazing Smeary Dots issue before I waste my time smudging up another sheet of bristol. This is something I'm going to need to get worked out before I start doing commissions at conventions, where the ones who don't ask for Mopsy, ask for Dover instead.

Meanwhile, I'm up way too late again. G'nite. :)

-The Gneech

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