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Orange Alert Status Report

Well, I didn't get as much progress made today as I'd hoped, but I have officially begun work on it -- specifically, I pencilled and inked the front cover artwork. It turned out to be more of a challenge than I thought it would be ... which is annoying because I had already been expecting it to be a challenge. :P

Tomorrow, I intend to crank out OA stuff as fast as I can, with possible breaks to get Laurie's birthday present, and (maybe) go see either Pirates of the Caribbean one more time (three's enough in the theater) or Tomb Raider II, depending on tomorrow's mood. I hope to get both outside covers finished at the very least by the end of the weekend; if I can get the inside title page done as well, that will be a slam dunk day. :)

I think it's time to do a revised "Too Much To Do List!"
  • Orange Alert production
    • Front Cover
    • Back Cover
    • Title Page
    • Mail waiver letters to Scott and Vince
    • Tweak and format SJ strips for inclusion
    • Scan, tweak, and letter TCM strips for inclusion
    • Chop up, tweak, and format Tiffarella strips for inclusion
    • Receive and copy waiver letters from Scott and Vince
    • Burn CD for Dave, burn backup CD
    • Mail CD and waiver letters to Dave @ Plan 9
    • Come up with theme for Book Four!

  •,, site designs/redesigns
  • Commissions! Can be done out of order if necessary.
    • "Photo Shoot" for T'Chall
    • "Cootchie, Cootchie!" for CC
    • "Sneak Attack" for S.
    • Hikaru Icon
    • "Revolution Earth" for K.

  • NeverNever artist search
  • Strips for 9/1, 9/3
  • "No Short Jokes" commish for T'Chall (moved to Dragon*Con)
  • Banner design
  • New button designs
  • Badge auction on Furbid
  • FC conbook -- The Great Outdoors; due Decemberish
  • AC 2004 conbook (to get it out of the way early!)

Oh yeah, and "Do Bowflex" and "practice Kung Fu!" ;P

-The Gneech

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