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Well, the good news is, I got through the crossover tonight, so (theoretically at least), I should start moving much faster.

The bad news is, my computer is vehemently against the idea and keeps crashing every ten $&%@!! minutes. I may do that "Get Gneech a New Computer" fund after all. :-`

Also, I posted a few days ago about a thread in the SJ forum I liked? Well, I had to kill it tonight. It was degenerating into the same junk over and over and over and over and over. The joke was funny once; maybe even funny twice. Fifteen times, it was obnoxious.

So now I'm tired and grouchy. >:P I guess I call it a night and just be pleased with the progress I made before the PC decided to start throwing a tizzy.

G'nite everybody, and may your tomorrow be even better than you deserve!

-The Gneech
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