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Darn You Meddling Unexpected-End-of-Files!

Man, I was crankin' on through Orange Alert this evening like you wouldn't believe. I finished page 117 of the book, within striking distance of the end of the "Tiffarella" sequence, which would have set me up to finish the whole book tomorrow night (zowie!), when the high-res version of Tiffarella strip 22 (of 27) pitched an error at me!


Unfortunately, the version on Scott's high-res archive isn't quite high enough for print! So I've sent Scott an e-mail asking him to resend the original.

Working "Tiffarella" into the book format hasn't been as difficult as I was afraid it might be, although it has had a cost here and there, mostly in the little details that have been lost. Color text on light backgrounds, suspiciously-shaped nebulae, and so forth just can't survive the transition. The giant "peace" symbol in the panel where Tiffarella fires off the Wave Milkshake Gun will probably be almost-entirely lost because there just isn't enough contrast there when converted to grayscale.

When I first started planning Orange Alert, I was unsure whether to put the Tiffarella sequence into the book for just that reason. Scott's work is so tightly packed with little references and inside jokes that you can stare at one of his mega-panels for hours and still not get everything. What readers of the books will see is just the very topmost layer, and to some extent, I think that does Scott a tremendous disservice.

At the same time, it was important to me that "Tiffarella" be addressed in the book somehow. Scott worked his tail off to keep Suburban Jungle running at a time when I just plain was not capable of doing it, and that meant a lot to me. Plus, it did become part of the SJ canon, because it dovetailed nicely with things I had planned for the future, and since the books are something of a hard record of the SJ story, I figured Tiffarella really should be in there.

Anyhow, so now I've got to wait on new files from Scott before I can finish. But that's okay, my nose is all worn off from pushing it against this grindstone all night anyhow ... think I'd better get some rest!

G'nite, everybody, and have a tomorrow you can be proud of. :)

-The Gneech

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