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Fuzzy Wuzzy Pitchers

Last night I went out and bought a flat-panel monitor for the new computer system, because I am under the impression they're better for your eyes in the longterm, and also use less electricity. I went over to Best Buy and looked at a bunch of different screens to compare, and picked the one that seemed the best overall balance of cost to image quality.

I then took it home and put it on the current machine, which has a pretty good graphics card, to check it out. I spent most of the evening tweaking it and trying different applications (ranging from Photoshop to Wing Commander), and finally came to the conclusion that it was too dark (even with brightness turned all the way up and contrast turned all the way down), and that the pixels weren't discrete enough (i.e., the image was fuzzy).

This conclusion was cemented this morning when, still squinting from morning blur, I literally could not focus on the image when I tried to read my e-mail. Ouch, my brain!

So tonight I'm going to go by Micro Center and check out any other models they might have there, to compare. This weekend, I'll probably take the flat panel back to Best Buy and exchange the flat screen for a big honkin' CRT ... I can get something like a 21" CRT for $100 less than the 17" flat panel I bought last night.

-The Gneech
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