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Careful, This Computer Is Being Monitored

So I packed up the 17" LCD and took it back to Best Buy, where I traded it in for a 19" Viewsonic CRT and the new Temple of Elemental Evil computer game, and still got a refund of $200. :) With the refresh rate at 85 Hz and the screen resolution set at my beloved 1024x768, I have a nice, crisp, bright, steady picture with lots of color depth in both the brights and darks.

I'd say that's a better deal. :)

The only weird thing about this monitor is that if I have a lot of white up on the screen (such as having Outlook open to read my e-mail), the contrast drops down annoyingly, turning it all gray. If I drag the window's edges up and down, I can watch the screen go gray, white, gray, white ... it's surreal. And annoying. I'm going to see if I can figure out any way to kill that. It's still lightyears beyond my old monitor, tho, which is something like 10 years old now and is definitely showing its age.

Speaking of all this, Kerry says the new machine is almost assembled; the only thing it lacks now is a sound card, and that should be taken care of today sometime. Final stats:

1 Gig RAM
Celeron P4 2.4, 400 MHz bus
52x24x52 CDRW
NVidia GForce 4 128 Mb graphics card
(some variety of Sound Blaster audio card TBD)

Zowie! Solitaire will have never looked so nice! ;P

I have a little extra left over still ... I wonder if I should get a new Wacom tablet. *checks prices* Okay, the answer to that is, "No!" (mutter, grumble, $400 mutter)

Ah well. On to another topic!

Today Is Get Busy Day!
I have been kinda slacking lately, for various reasons that aren't worth going into here. Suffice to say, that sometimes you just need to put your brain on autopilot for a while. The problem with that is, brains on autopilot aren't very good drivers, so your life will tend to wander out from under you if you let it.

Anyway, I've had my mental rest (two weeks of Wing Commander did the trick nicely) and starting today, I'm getting back on the program, so to speak. To that end, it's time for an all-new Too Much To Do List! (BTW, if anybody knows of stuff I have mentioned needing to do and haven't put on here, please remind me. I'm doing this mostly from memory.)

  • Do Bowflex

  • Finish laundry

  • Wash dishes (Thanks, Laurie!)

  • Strips for Mon, Weds, & Fri

  • Scripts as far ahead as manageable (work in Jaded cameo by end of October)

  • Post portrait image for Kerry to make print

  • Read submitted fanfics/scripts

  • Update Commission Schedule

  • Spiritwalker's commission

  • Art trade commish

  • Take Matt's pic to post office(Sorry, Matt!)

  • Look into current Kung Fu schedule (hold off until back recovers)

  • Figure out WTF to do with NN once and for all

  • Clean up workspace

  • Work up next D&D adventure

  • Work up next D20 Modern session

I think that's it for the moment ... but I could be missing some.

-The Gneech
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