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Okay, Who's Got the Voodoo Doll?

So I'm getting out of the car, nothing particularly exciting, when suddenly there's an incredibly sharp pain four inches above the base of my spine, it feels like my back is folding in on itself, and I'm clutching the side of the car to keep from falling down.


I assume this is leftover side effects of the back injury that laid me flat in 2002; I thought I was completely recovered from that, but apparently not.

After an agonizing thirty seconds or so, my back was working again, albeit with a distinct soreness that wasn't there before, so I could get inside and get some Advil down my throat. I guess from here I'll get myself into the chiropractic office and tell 'em to go to town.

Owie. :P

I might have strained my back a bit this weekend, lifting the new monitor, and on the Bowflex (which I haven't been doing as regularly as I should lately), in which case the old injury would happily use the excuse to tie me into knots. Well screw you, injury, I'm going to get you treated and get on with my life. I ain't got time or energy to waste on the likes of you.

-The Gneech
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