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Floating Around

I'm in a strange state of mind today. Mentally speaking, I'm just sorta floating, my attention wandering around from one topic to another, passively receiving ideas that bubble up out of my subconscious, but committing to none of them.

Riddle: Why is The Gneech like a rock at the top of a hill?

Answer: We've both got nothing but potential.

Okay, that was lame, I admit it. :)

Conrad's been talking to me today; apparently, he'd like some attention in SJ. He said something about wanting to meet his father for the first time; I'm not sure if his father wants to be met, tho.

Conrad is something of a problem child for me, in terms of characters. He popped up one day in the middle of the "Weird Al Hamstervic" storyline, all seven-and-a-half feet of hunky studmuffin, and I assumed that he was basically an orange stripey Fabio, "Mr. Perfect," so to speak, who would give Leonard's arrogance a severe case of inadequacy.

Then Conrad said, or rather thought, something that took me by surprise.

Whoa, wait a minute ... Mr. Perfect thinks Tiffany is out of his league? Why the heck would that be the case?

Getting to know Conrad as an author has been very similar to Tiffany's process of getting to know Conrad as her boyfriend ... slowly unpeeling layers of persona-versus-reality, finding the little quirks that make him the way he is, etc.

I am frankly amazed that Conrad has lasted as long as he has. He wasn't intended to be a permanent addition, but then again, neither was Dover. The reason he's stayed is because Tiffany did something I wasn't expecting, either:

I have been working to break them apart ever since; they have so far managed to thwart my efforts, however. As frustrating as it is, I have to admire them for that. :)

SJ has been a strange ride, for me. :)

-The Gneech
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