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Mmm, Recuperation...

Another day home today; my back is greatly improved, although it still siezes up at semi-random intervals. I'll probably be back at work tomorrow.

So I hear that Arnie won ... I wish him luck. :) From what I know of CA politics, they're not going to like what he has to say out there. Actually, I'd welcome Arnie here ... VA has entirely too many people along the lines of Oliver North in power.

Of course, the apparatchik aren't going to just roll over and accept it ... expect demands for recounts, more smears, and another recall attempt. Ah well, all part of the game. I've sorta lost my ability to be outraged by such stuff.

Some of it is because I've developed an appreciation recently for just how good the U.S. still has it. I was thinking about how it's been almost exactly a year since the sniper attacks here in D.C., and how upset everyone here was by it all. You couldn't put gas in your car or even just head in to work without keeping an eye out for cover to dive to. It was mighty scary.

But there are places all over the world where that's what they live with every day from the moment of their birth. Some of them are crimeridden neighborhoods in the U.S., which is just plain nuts -- but I'm thinking of places in Africa, the middle east, and so forth. Two guys with a high powered rifle and a modified car drove us all into a tizzy -- those same two guys in Israel wouldn't even raise an eyebrow. That means, it's amazingly peaceful here. To that extent, we're very lucky ... and even when there's kibitzing here, it generally doesn't involve machine guns or bombs at Pizza Hut.

So hey, I can take it. :)

-The Gneech
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