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Big Piles of Money

Yesterday, I sent off a check for the new computer, and a postal money order for Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga ... that's $900 total all spent on me! =:o Aside from being amazed that I had it to spend, I've also got a case of the "I spent how much?" willies. I earned it/saved it up, it's not debt -- an important habit I've had to teach myself -- and I earmarked the funds specifically for these purposes. We're still financially quite sound, despite me spending vast amounts of money on myself.


It's not quite like the heady days of working at LifeMinders again, but it's still quite nice.

BTW, I am getting a raise starting sometime this month. I'm putting it all into once again starting up a 401(k). This will be the fourth one ... maybe this one will actually last until I retire. :P

My big financial goal currently is: no more living hand to mouth. Ever. I had a year's salary saved up -- and I was unemployed for a year and spent it. Le sigh. Stupid dot-bomb bubble!

Speaking of big piles of money, I wonder if this Conrad pic would fetch anything at auction, or if I'd be better off to keep those spaced further apart.

-The Gneech
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