John "The Gneech" Robey (the_gneech) wrote,
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Two Items...

1) The new Cartoon Network series, "Duck Dodgers In the 24 1/2th Century" (based on the short by the same name) just gets better with every episode. Good, good stuff!

2) I just picked up a copy of the computer version of the flight combat game, Crimson Skies. So far, it's pretty darn cool, even if it is a Microsoft product. ;) I'm not used to plane-based sims, tho ... the joystick and rudder do the exact opposite of what I keep expecting based on Wing Commander!

-The Gneech

EDIT: Grrr! Crimson Skies is frustrating! The controls are screwy and my wingmen are frickin' idiots! Where's my "return to base" message when I need it? I wonder if I can re-map the joystick to put rudder control on the right/left axis, and bank on the torque axis...
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