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Shiny, New, and Paid For! =)

My computer is here! Ooooooo! Aaaaaah! Alas, until I get it home and attach it to stuff, it's just a big ol' paperweight! Oops...

I am pleased that this is paid for up front ... all of my other computers were bought on loans and/or credit. In the case of the Pavilion, that wasn't such a big deal 'cause I was working at LifeMinders and getting paid huge piles of money (so it only took a few months to pay off), but it still annoyed me to have to do it that way.

This is a significant milestone in my financial health, IMO, hopefully the first of many. :) For my next trick: restart that 401(k)!

And now, some random silliness!

Hero of song and story!
Winner of ancient glory!
Fighting for the right,
fighting with his might,
with the strength of ten
ordinary men!

People are safe when near him!
Only the evil fear him!
Softness in his eyes,
iron in his thighs,
virtue in his heart
fire in every part
of the mighty
HERCULEEEEEES! *kaboom, kaboom!*

Thank you. :)

-The Gneech
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