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The Lunch That Wouldn't Die

Okay, I just spent two and a half hours at yet another birthday lunch; this time we went to "Jendai," an expensive and trendy sushi place at Tyson's Corner.

Worst good food I ever had. :P

I'm tempted to write a long laundry list of stuff that was wrong with the place, but I have to get back to work to make up some lost time. Suffice to say, it took forever, it was botched from top to bottom, and it cost us a mint for what we got.

The delightful cherry on top of this Bad Restaurant Day cake was this moment:

MY BOSS: "I ordered the 'banana split cake' for dessert."

THE WAITER: "I don't have a 'banana split cake.' Here's your key lime pie!" *thunk!*

By that time, the whole thing had become such a farce that we were all punchy and laughing at how ridiculous it all was. So even though this was a complete fiasco as far as a meal goes, in its own way it was much more enjoyable than the hour of political ranting that was my lunch on Monday.

The moral of the story: RUN! SAVE YOURSELF! GET OUT OF JENDAI SUSHI BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! And don't discuss politics at the meal table. ;)

-The Gneech

PS: Another birthday lunch next week ... I don't mind telling you, I'm scared!
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