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Quick Notes

I have previously commented on Cartoon Network's current "Duck Dodgers" series, starring Daffy Duck; today, Duck Dodgers joined the Green Lantern Corps.

Not a spoof. The real thing. He even fought Sinestro ... sorta.

SINESTRO: "I will recreate the universe in my own image! Join forces with me, and rule as my right hand man!"

DAFFY: "Okay."

SINESTRO: "Why do you resist? Together we can -- wait, what did you say?"

DAFFY: "Sounds good to me! Get in on the ground floor of a whole new cosmic order, yeah, sign me up!"

SINESTRO: "Oh! Er..."

DAFFY: "Wait, you had a whole 'hero seduction by evil' speech worked out, didn't you?"

SINESTRO: "Uh, well, actually, yes ... heroes aren't usually so easily swayed!"

DAFFY: "C'mon, baby, sway me!"

He also used his Green Lantern power ring to give Porky Pig a mega-wedgie.

I am highly amused. :)

In other news, gaming tonight consisted of us opening cans of whupass on badguys, who were opening their own cans of whupass on us. Cone of cold is mighty scary, whether you're giving or receiving ... or both, as in our case. Whoof!

-The Gneech, Starring Porky Pig as the Eager Young Space Cadet
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