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New Computer Report, and Other Stuff

I spent the weekend pretty much playing with or on Tiffany (the new computer, not the tiger), putting it through its paces, and generally messin' with it. Some results:

Drawing Tablet: Works MUCH better on Tiffany than it did on the Pavilion. Smooth lines! What a concept!

Scanner: Up and running, only took three install attempts. (Stupid backwards compatibility issues!) It doesn't have to stop and think as often, which is nice, but it's still something like 8 years old, and can only go so fast.

Network: WinXP is rotten about network connection speed, even with a screamer machine. For some reason, it has great difficulty finding stuff. Once the connection is made active, it works nicely enough.

Temple of Elemental Evil: Nice and smooth, very pretty. Gameplay is a mixed bag, but that has nothing to do with the computer. :) The script is sorta weak; I'm not sure it's fun enough to warrant the kind of time it eats, even though mechanically it is a very nice implementation of the 3.5 rule set. If the game had more, better portraits, more, better voices, and more engaging NPCs, it would be a lot more fun. So far, it seems like everybody is either there to fight, or to have you run errands they could just as easily do themselves.

Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga: Ooooooh, me like! I wish I'd bought the silly thing when it was new! It's an interesting exercise to see the old games in comparison to the later ones -- or in comparison to more modern games such as Tachyon -- and to see what looks old and clunky, and what still looks really cool.

Crimson Skies: With the graphics all maxed out, this game looks mighty purty. :) Still tougher than boiled leather, tho! Surviving missions is easy enough -- but winning with style is very, very tough!

The next steps, as far as the computer is concerned, are:

1) Get tunes set up again! Can't work properly without tunes. :)

2) Install Plus! so I can have my Space theme back. ;)

3) Tweak my "user settings" so I don't have to enter a password every time the computer needs to restart.

4) Get files offa The Pavilion and onto Tiffany, get a more current FTP utility, and get Gav to set me up with a new password so I don't have to depend on never losing the settings in my old copy of WS-FTP...

5) Wipe the Pavilion and roll it back to the original Win98 install disk -- hopefully that will make the DVD drive work again, and make it possible to play some of the older games (such as Full Throttle) again.

Other Stuff:

I drew a complete blank on SJ over the weekend, and I don't mind telling you, I'm annoyed. I have a basic plot worked out, but no enthusiasm for actually doing anything with it. My mind is on other stuff lately, and SJ is time consuming.

I also didn't do anything with the Bowflex, despite several attempts to make myself do it. Time goes too damn fast when I'm either A) trying to get something done, or B) trying to indulge in a little fun. So I end up resisting going to bed (damn it, it's TOO SOON to go to bed!), which means I end up sleeping way too late the next day (11:00 already???), which means I have even LESS time the next day.

This pisses me off. I don't care if I can change it or not, I'm not going to accept it. In this case, the world is just plain wrong, and if I figure out who's in charge, I'm going to give them a piece of my mind about it!

Tonight, I need to spend doing two things: writing scripts, and cleaning off my drawing table. Then, tomorrow night, drawing. No computer games for me 'til Wednesday at the earliest, or at the most one or two missions in WC or CS right when I get home, since those are usually 10 minutes or less (as opposed to trying to get anything done in ToEE, which takes forever).

-The Gneech
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