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Something Micro$oft Did Right

Although I've come a long way since my foaming-at-the-mouth "Boycott Micro$oft" days (which were mostly a reaction to the market-death of my beloved WordPerfect), I still have a less-than-friendly attitude towards them generally.

However, I would like to compliment whomever on the MS Office team who came up with Links, the adorable animated cat you can choose to replace Clippy Skippy the Evil. The soothing effect of clicking on Links to make him animate (or just having him do random catlike things at you while you work) mitigates some of the stress caused by working in Word. Sorta like winning the lottery while having your arms and legs amputated without anaestesia.

(In their defense, I will say that they make great hardware. I love both my MS ergonomic keyboard and my Sidewinder joystick. They also make pretty good games ... if only their OS and office software was as good!)

-The Gneech
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