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Too Much To Do List

Hmm ... I feel like things are slipping between the cracks, so I'd better write this stuff down.

  • Update SJ page w/ Orange Alert preorder announcement (WED)

  • Add EF/ML commish/trade to Commission Schedule (WED)

  • Deposit t-shirt check, send off bills (WED)

  • Go over spreadsheet from mammallamadevil (WED)

  • Draw strips for Fri and Mon (WED/THU)

  • Bowflex (WED/THU)

  • Drezzer head shot/colored KK for Sat Grab Bag (THU/FRI)

  • Write script for jadedfox cameo (WED/THU)

  • Clean out music directory/set up music on new machine (THU/SAT)

  • Eye exam; physical ("not too distant future")

  • Register for KF starting Nov 1 (FRI)

  • T'Chall photo shoot commish (SAT)

  • Oil change for Bruce (SAT?)

  • Bowflex/jog (SAT)

  • Take fall pics ("this weekend")

  • New shirts for work (SAT/SUN/"not too distant future")

  • 2000x2000 PTBF image

  • Clean up workspace (SUN)

  • Draw strips for Wed and Mon (SUN)

  • Scripting break @ Sbx again? (MON)

  • Bowflex (MON)

  • Draw strip for Fri (TUE)

  • FC Conbook image ("next week")

  • Hikaru's football image

  • Work on costume idea ("not too distant future")

  • Work out NN problem ("not too distant future")

  • Read submitted fanfics/scripts ("not too distant future")

  • Prepare next d20 Modern session ("next week")

  • "Cootchie Cootchie" commish ("next weekend")

That's all for this round. More later!

-The Gneech
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