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What's Cool vs. What Makes Sense

I've been playing around with variant ship designs for Kitten Kaboodle: Space Ranger, and I came up with some stuff that looked pretty cool, but has some serious conceptual flaws -- particularly with the position of the turret for Leona. My current favorite design has the turret mounted above and behind the cockpit, which is cool, except that right behind it are these big ol' oversized engines that effectively restrict its firing arc to the front and top 135-degrees or so -- and leave the ship with a great big blind spot covering the rear and belly.

Now if "KKSR" was a TV show, somebody would be saying at this point, "It's just a show, you should really just relax." But it's not even that -- it's a COMIC about a show! So why does a badly-mounted turret bug me so much? Particularly when I'm ready to forgive the fact that blaster-mounting space fighters are a ludicrous concept when you examine them too hard anyway? (And even more so when piloted by a tigress named "Kitten Kaboodle" who has a lioness gunner named "Hart O'Steele.")

Answer is 'cause I'm a geek, I guess.

If my art was up to the task, what I'd really love to do would be to run a limited series "Adventures of Kitten Kaboodle" comic, Danger Girl style. But as improved as my art is over the early days, such a thing is definitely way out of my league. :( I put out a few feelers for collaborators on such a project, and received polite "No thank you's."

Oh well. Life carries on. If I can get this design hashed out, I might be able to get somebody with 3D skills to render several views for me, at least.

-The Gneech
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