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Smithsonian Institute of Cool Stuff

Lancelot: "Farewell, sweet Concorde! Your sacrifice will not have been in vain!"

Concorde: "I'm not quite dead, sir."

As folks may know, I have a particular fondness for The Grumman Goose. Back in 1995, I contacted the aircraft curator of the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Bob Vanderlinden, who let me get behind the ropes and take pics of their Goose up close and personal. He was a very nice guy, who obviously cared a great deal for his charges.

Last night, purely by chance, I heard him on the radio, talking about the Concorde. Specifically, he was saying that the Smithsonian has acquired one of the retired craft, which is now housed at their Dulles facility and is due to be opened to the public in June. Among other things, this means I'll actually get to SEE one of the things! Woohoo!

My Goose will be out there, too ... poor thing, sitting all disassembled in the corner of the museum *sniff*...

-The Gneech
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