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That Gygax Sure Has a Way With Names, Eh?

Well, having dealt with Lareth the Beautiful, the evil cleric at the bottom of the moathouse, my Temple of Elemental Evil party is fifth level and ready to move on to the lovely boardwalks-in-the-swamp town of Nulb, where I intend to root out and destroy the minions of Zuggtmoy, demoness of fungi.

Mind you, this is the same world (Greyhawk) that has places with names like Verbobonc and The Pomarj.

Still, it's fun going through this as a player, even if it is a computer version and not a paper-and-pencil version, just because Temple of Elemental Evil is almost "definitive" Dungeons and Dragons, and I never expected to actually get to play it. Written by ol' E.G.G. himself, it has a somewhat more subtle sword-and-sorcery flavor than the flowery history and intricate social structures of Forgotten Realms. This is oldschool D&D, where you get swallowed whole by giant frogs, and if you don't lose at least one party member per encounter, the DM thinks the dungeon isn't tough enough.

It's fun -- but it does get frustrating to have to keep reloading save games and fight the same battles over and over again. ;P

-The Gneech
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