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Job ... Boring ... Must Resist ... Urge to Draw...

... or ... talk ... like ... Bill Shatner...


Sorry about that.

Since it's been slow at work today [1] I sketched the pencils for a pic for the FC2004 conbook, and it came out really, really well. I am way pleased! It's not a "super-gorgeous" type pic, really just a cute slice of life type of thing ... but it's done with a level of detail and artistry that doesn't usually get into my work. Tiff and Leonard are in a scene rather than drawn floating on a big white nothing like pinups or what-have-you.

From here, the trick is to finish it with an ink-and-marker rendering. I wonder if I'll be able to do that without tearing it out of my sketchbook? I might have to photocopy it and ink from the photocopy. We'll see!

-The Gneech

[1] Technically, I'm working on three projects. But of them, two are waiting on other people to get off their keisters and send me stuff, and the third is checking links on a development site to make sure they all work. Doing the first two is easy (e-mail: "Still waiting on you. -JR"), and the third I have to take breaks from every few minutes to keep myself from falling asleep.
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