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"Always Have an Escape Plan."

These were the last words uttered by the character "Q" as played by Desmond Llewellyn, a parting bit of advice to James Bond before the gadgeteer headed off for a well-earned retirement, in The World Is Not Enough, and they are appropriate for me today.[1]

I decided on a plan today to escape from Starbucks. :) I had always seen the job as a stopgap anyhow, but now at least it has a definite end date. Laurie and I have been planning for some time now to move to another place when the lease is up here -- the three bedrooms are nice, but the place is way too friggin' expensive, and we don't really like it here. We took the place when I had the LifeMinders job and triple my current salary, basically because it was available and two blocks away from LifeMinders.

Anyway, our plan is to move to as much cheaper as place as we can stand, at which point, assuming my interim attempts to find a job have still not been successful, I will leave Starbucks and return to temping -- this time being considerably less selective about what types of assignments I'm willing to take. When skilled workers were in demand, I could hold out for the $25/hr graphics assignments, and still have plenty of work. Now, well, people are fighting for $15/hr phone answering jobs, and I'm going to have to join their number to keep going. But it will still be regular business hours, and should end up netting me the same or more than Starbucks as time goes on.

Right now, with our rent being what it is, I can't take even a short gap in work; our reserves are too low. With a lower rent once we move, this shouldn't be as big a problem.

Anyway, it's time for me to head off to work now. Yay. Only six more days to go until a break...

-The Gneech

[1] Alas, the veteran actor was killed in a traffic accident not long after the movie was released, which is quite sad. I was at least happy that the character got to take a bow.

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