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Normally I Eschew Fads...

But I'm feeling solipsistic today, so I'll join in with Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me.

  1. I am related to the real life Ichabod Crane who the character in "Sleepy Hollow" was modeled after. He was a doctor, not a teacher, and never encountered a headless horseman to my knowledge. :)

  2. I jumped into the window of an out-of-control car to rescue a pair of kids when I lived in Richmond. (Mom had gone into the store and left the kids in the car, at the top of a hill ... kids had been playing and shifted the car into Neutral. I stopped the car by slamming it into Park.)

  3. The Robey family's heralidic crest is a red stag on a yellow field.

  4. I wrote The Perfect Warrior, the only adventure scenario published for White Wolf Games' short-lived "Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game."

  5. I was offered a modest scholarship into NYU's theater program based on my acting ability.

  6. I have a condition known as "scrivener's palsy," which is related to the brain's ability to filter commands sent to the hands and feet. Basically, that part of my brain did not mature at the same rate as the rest of me, and never quite fully developed. This used to give me difficulty with writing, drawing, and other activities involving manual dexterity ... you could watch my left hand twitching while I was using my right hand to write. Now that I'm grown, the only real effect is that my hands and feet are proportionately small compared to the rest of my body.

  7. I have an 18' scarf modeled after the one worn by Tom Baker as The Doctor, that was knitted as a present for me by my mother when I was in college. I generally only wear it when it's really, really cold.

  8. When the space shuttle Enterprise was being flown around the country on the back of a jumbo jet, I happened to be up on the roof of my parents' house helping with repairs and watched it fly directly overhead.

  9. A friend of mine and I were "lunchtime DJs" at our high school, broadcast over the cafeteria P.A. system, until we did a sketch lampooning the Moral Majority and got yanked by the principal, who found it "offensive."

  10. I studied how to play the highland bagpipe for a while; I never graduated from the practice chanter to real pipes, but I could at least eke out a recognizable version of "Amazing Grace" on the practice chanter. I decided I had other things to spend my time and money on, but if I had more of both, I'd go back to it.

-The Gneech
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