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Go Fig!

It's interesting that a websearch on Isis turns up tons and tons of results, whereas a search on the son she worked so hard to nourish and establish, Horus, returns far fewer results -- and most of them refer more to the fact that he is Isis' son, rather than, y'know, king of the universe.

I wonder, from Isis' POV, is that success, or failure?

-The Gneech

Edit: It's worth noting that the "Eye of Horus" symbol also returns more (and more interesting) results than just searching on Horus himself. Gotta be rough on a god, when your eye is more famous than the rest of you put together!

Another Edit: Sauron informs me that he knows just how Horus feels. Myself, I'm a bit dubious of this. But it's an interesting parallel! How did The Eye go from being the all-seeing protective eye of the divine, to being "the evil eye" of Sauron (and indeed of Count Olaf)? These are things I wonder about as I try to look busy at work all day.

Another Another Edit: Odin popped up to inform me that he had a comment on the whole eye motif, but just as he was going to tell me about it, he was attacked by the Midgard Serpent. Horus, still scraping Apep scales off of his skirt, said, "I know just how he feels." Chummy lot, these ancient dieties.
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