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Stuck At Home? That's Okay, I've Got...

Too Much To Do!

  • Images for Kerry: PTBF and Snowbunny Tiff

  • Send button request to BJ

  • Strips for Mon, Weds, Fri</strike>

  • Saturday Grab Bag -- Herbie!

  • UL button images for BJ

  • Do at least one commission this weekend

  • Work up MM plot synopsis; cha. sketch for antagonist?

  • Laundry

  • Work up game for next weekend?

  • Bowflex (Sunday)

  • Clean off drawing table and desk

  • Transfer markers to new case Thanks, Laurie! :)

  • Get some more non-repro blue pencils

  • Start working up panel curriculum

  • What to do re: Christmas tree, and rest of shopping!

  • Receipts for FC? (check w/Kerry)

Hmm ... I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I don't know what. Oh well, it'll come to me.

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