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Hopefully, This Will End It

Well, I posted this to the FPS list; hopefully it will help soothe ruffled feathers.


I have been informed through a third party that what I posted last night has made some of the organizers of the "Pawpet Megaplex Funny Animal Convention" particularly unhappy. Since I would frankly rather have a seguaro cactus forcibly inserted into my left nostril than to cause pain to any of the good folks involved with the Pawpet Show, I would like to apologize for this.

Recent events have got certain of my hotbuttons particularly sensitive; but the truth of the matter is that the event could be called "Eunyce and Momma" for all the skin it will scrape off of my nose, and it's not worth getting into a big flap about. As has been mentioned, the event is being organized by volunteers who simply wanted to arrange a good time for people left in the lurch, and to kibitz about the language used for such a thing is hardly gentlemanly behavior.

For what it's worth, I'm going to plug the heck out of the event on the Suburban Jungle site and do whatever else I can think of to make it a big, great success, in the hopes that everyone will have fun. Regardless of what I think on the use or non-use of the term "furry," it is a very cool thing that the organizers have done, and I'd like to give them my full support.

-The Gneech
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