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Yay! It's Not Yesterday Any More!

Man, that was a day I was glad to see the end of.

By last evening, I was barely coherent with exhaustion; fortunately, Mrs. Gneech was kind enough to run the massager over me as I slipped into unconsciousness for a while. After being comatose for about an hour or so, I came back out into the other room and we watched "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" (which was even funnier and more brilliant than usual), and then went back to bed for real.

This morning, other than being freezing cold, life is good again. I'm still a bit groggy -- I've been draining myself dry a lot lately -- but good.

On the whole furry flap, I received an e-mail from Akeakami, the other person who was vocally annoyed about the whole thing ... apparently he has been communicating with the pawpet folks and finally managed to get through to them, so to speak. They're still going with the event as announced, and so on, but at least I think they understand where we're coming from. Hopefully everyone will be all soothed and happy again, with time.

I haven't heard anything else from anyone, but that's okay.

It just amazes me that in 21st century America, this kind of crap goes on. If it's not race, it's sex. If it's not sex, it's orientation. If it's not orientation, it's hobby.


*ahem* Where was I?

FWIW, I'm still going to print up "Proud to be a furry!" buttons.

-The Gneech

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