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Tonight's To-Do List

  1. Go to ATM, get some cash and in-flight snackies

  2. Go to Kung Fu, then come home, change, eat dinner, etc.

  3. Write up price list with data from mammallamadevil; print same

  4. Put up ... er, something ... for Sunday & Monday (& Wednesday?)

  5. Program jadedfox into cellphone, and charge it!

  6. Pack!
    • Markers, pens, rulers, cash box
    • Price list, ref. books for penciling panel
    • Portfolio (w/ commissions for delivery & auction cameo certificate)
    • Yellow bristol and sketchbook (in backpack)
    • Green Rider (in backpack)
    • Itinerary (in backpack)
    • In-flight snackies (in backpack)
    • Toiletries (razor, shampoo/cond., toofbrush & toofpaste, deodorant)
    • Sleeping clothes (thu, fri, sat, sun)
    • Wearin' clothes :) (fri, sat, sun, mon)
    • Cellphone & charger

  7. If time: find Handspring & keyboard, reload software (d'oh!)</ul>

    Have I missed anything?

    -The Gneech
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