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The Winter That Wouldn't Die

So far this winter hasn't been particularly dangerous or scary as winters go, just ... tiresome. The temperature has been floating in the just-under-freezing range, so nothing melts unless it's hit by direct sunlight -- and then it refreezes as soon as the sunlight goes away. So the stuff that was once snow and is now ice just gets denser and denser and harder and harder -- and uglier and uglier, as it absorbs the sand put out by the truckload.

Then another storm comes along and dumps another inch or so of crud over it, so we have strata of frozen and semifrozen crap, that all just sits there. You can shovel your walk, but there's no real point because just enough will melt the next day to cover your walk with runoff -- that will freeze overnight and it'll be like you never shoveled at all.

The past few days have been a little relief ... freezing rain that gradually becomes regular rain, thus covering everything in a thin glaze of ice that is then washed away by the regular rain. But then night comes and freezes it all again, and then it rains again the next morning ... by tonight, all the usual suspects will be flooding, clogged up with ice jams and overrun by rain rain rain, guaranteeing a cruddy commute home. Perfectly safe, so there's no real excuse to slack off and stay home ... just cruddy. And there's nothing to do about it except suck it up and endure.

And we still have 23 days of February to get through. Pfui! This winter started early as it is ... why don't I think it'll end early to compensate?

-The Gneech

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