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Mmm, Bowflex...

Well, recall or no recall, I decided to do da Bowflex tonight, and go to Kung Fu on Friday. After my last round of back problems, I had sorta fallen off of the Bowflex routine, then there was holidays, then there was getting ready for the con, then there was being sick ... feh. There's always going to be something! The only way to do it, is to, you know, DO IT.

So I did. :) I figured, I've been using the thing a year and it hasn't blown up the house yet ... and since the recall is just a reinforcement piece for the lat tower, as long as I don't use the lat tower, I should be fine. I also combined the workout with stance practice, aiming for five minutes in each stance (although I could only hold Gungbu for 2.5 mins on each side), and stretches.

When I was finished, I looked like this!

King of Clubs! by Vince Suzukawa

Well, actually I didn't ... not yet ... but I'm getting closer all the time! [1] With this spring/summer's push on the Kung Fu, Bowflex, and diet, I expect to make some major gains in the area of sveltitude this year.

Also, watched episode five of Cowboy Bebop this evening. I'm still liking it!

Now, to round off the evening with some yummy, delicious SLEEP, something I haven't been getting as much of as I should the past week. G'nite, everybody!

-The Gneech

[1] "King of Clubs" by Vince Suzukawa, one of the originals I brought home with me from FC2004. Yes, that picture is MINE! Mine, mine, mine, mine, mwuuhahahahaaa!

*ahem* Sorry about that, excuse me.
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