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Mmm ... Art Supplies...

Thanks to the VIP card:
Prismacolor Pencil Set of 120           $ 93.83
Prismacolor Art Stix Set of 48          $ 41.39
Col-Erase Colored Pencils Set of 24     $  8.77
                                        $ 13.98 +shipping
                                        $157.97 total

Considering that the local Pla-Za was charging $135 for the Prismacolor pencils alone, I'd say that's a pretty good deal!

I have a set of Derwent pencils, but they're too hard; I'm hoping the Prismacolors will be easier to use, particularly in sketchbooks. Markers make nice, vivid colors on bristol, and blend beautifully, but I discovered to my dismay at FC that MARKERS + SKETCHBOOKS = BLEED ALL OVER THE PAGE! *cry*

Clean, polished original artwork is still a long way away for me, alas, but having the right tools sure makes a big difference!

-The Gneech
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