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A Change of Plans

Well, as of last night, I'm not gaming this weekend because I will instead be taking a break-of-dawn flight to LaGuardia airport tomorrow morning, where I hope to be picked up by smrgol_t_kirin, camstone, and lowen_kind, at which point we'll all drive up to kamau_d_lyon's place. Then, after a night on the floorboards, I'll be riding back down Sunday afternoon. (At least, I hope it's in the afternoon, I need to work on Monday!) That throws a kink into the weekend plans, to say the least, but if you've got to have a kink, this one's a good one.

Or something like that.

Anyway, this calls for a revised Too Much To Do List!

  • Mail outgoing package (Fri)

  • Scripts for 3/15 - 3/19 (Fri)

  • Pack! (Fri)

  • Go to New York! =:o (Sat - Sun)

  • "Leona's Fans" sketch and other scripts as I can (Sat - Sun)

  • Grab Bag for 3/13 -- Character Q&A (Mon)

  • UL AC conbook images and send notice (Mon)

  • "Clockwork" pic (Tues)

  • Finish BESM d20 prep (Weds/Thu/Sat)

  • Strips for 3/15, 3/17 (Thu)

  • Kung Fu (Fri)

  • BESM d20 drop dead date! (Sat)

  • Kung Fu makeup (Sat)

  • See Hidalgo? (Sun)

  • Keenspot promo images (Sun)

  • Investigate inking techniques (gen.)

Gonna be a packed week! Think I'll move the counselor appt. on Thursday back a week.

-The Gneech

EDIT: Linked to the wrong Smrgol. Like, really wrong.
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