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En skunque polecatte de pew!!

Such a handsome devil...

En skunque polecat de pew!!

How can anyone resist those eyes, that bad Maurice Chevalier/Charles Boyer imitation, the endless Algiers references?

Well I certainly can't; grabbing second breakfast at Starbucks this morning, I was compelled beyond all reason to pick up a Pepe Le Pew finger puppet ... utterly adorable and only $2.95. :) Back when there were still WB stores, they had a little mechanical Pepe in the pose above, who lazily waved his tail back and forth while singing something incomprehensible because the motor noise drowned it out. I loved those things and wanted one, but I was never willing to spend the money required (and I'm still not). But a $2.95 finger puppet, I can afford!

Oh, and there was candy too, which I immediately discarded. Feh!

Pepe Le Pew is the only WB character I've drawn in recent memory; I know that I've drawn Bugs in the past, but I don't remember how it came out and I don't think I have it any more anyway. I was fairly pleased with Pepe, but as it was a copy, rather than an original drawing, it only counts half.

Le representation du skunque artistique un reproduce!

I think, during my wads and wads of free drawing time, that I might try to teach myself to draw him freehand from memory, just for the fun of it. :) Pepe's always been my favorite of the "second-tier" WB characters, and I'd like to be able to play around with him some.

-Un cartooniste du Gneech le hacque!
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