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Productive Weekend! [artwork]

I love gettin' stuff done! Specifically, I got two fun pieces done, on top of some strips...

laurie_robey as a Hamm-Hamm!

We like sunflower seeds, krum-krum-krum!

This piece was just a fun little present, 'cause Laurie likes Hamtaro (and needed some LJ user icons ;) ).


Young Leonard on the beach!

The Jellyfish Incident

This piece was a present for a particular fan of Leonard who loves to see him in ponytail flashback mode; having finished it, however, I think I'll probably submit it as another piece for the AnthroCon conbook. Interesting sidenote: this is the first time I've ever drawn Leonard's younger brother Richard ... in this piece, he actually looks a little too "normal." I'll have to come up with more piercings or something next time.

Enjoy! These pieces will probably end up as Saturday Grab Bags, as well.

-The Gneech
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