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Life Is but an Australian Adventure Game...

More with the weird dreaming ... this time I had two related dreams separated by a brief period of waking up in the middle of the night.

The first dream was that I was on a bus trip with several people that I didn't really know (and before you ask, no it wasn't the Venga bus, I wish it had been); I'm not sure exactly what the group was but it was some sort of professional or interest-related organization (artists, maybe?) and we were going across Florida, and then out on one of those long, narrow, good-God-this-is-too-close-to-the-water-level highways out into the ocean, like the ones in the Florida Keys. This latter leg of the trip took us to this large, elaborate airport/hotel/shopping mall, that looked a bit like LaGuardia or BWI, except randomly in the middle of the ocean.

What we on the bus didn't know (although I think the driver did, because he wasn't phased) was that to approach this place, you had to go onto this elaborate experimental figure-8 shaped entrance ramp that was about two feet below the water level for no readily apparent reason -- and to keep control of the vehicle, you were supposed to take this ramp at high speed. So the driver cranks the bus up to about fifty MPH and we go plowing into the water -- half of the riders (and probably me too, I forget) grabbing anything they could hold to and going "Aaaaack!" I remember thinking, "This is STUPID! What do they do during a hurricane?"

The ramp worked, apparently, because the dream jumped forward to being inside the hotel, which had subdued (but tasteful and well-decorated) lighting and everything was closed -- apparently, it was Sunday in the dream. The place had the atmosphere of a hotel on the night before a convention ... lots of people congregating in dark corners to chat, but nothing actually happening. I remember being approached by some member of the hotel staff and asking them where I could get something, food maybe, but that's about where the dream ended.

And now, a short intermission.


Thank you, please return to your seat.

The second dream was much shorter, thanks to the stupid alarm clock. This one was in the mode of a graphical adventure game (specifically, it reminded me of Curse of Monkey Island in look and feel -- in other words, cartoony), although I was still immersed in the dream, rather than looking at it on a computer or anything. I don't remember all the details, but instead of a bus, this time, I was riding in a single-engine airplane over the Australian outback. There was a pilot, who I don't remember, and another passenger, who I don't remember either. Once again, we were heading to a large hotel/airport/shopping mall, this time out in the bush instead of out in the ocean.

We were on approach and asked permission to land, and the scene cut to the place's control tower. Instead of people, this control room was occupied by a large, colorful, parrot-like red bird, a large iguana (body length ~2 feet, tail out to 6'), and another critter who I think was a kangaroo, but don't remember clearly enough to say. As the dream was a cartoon, of course, these critters could talk, and as it was Australia, they all had broad accents. The red bird sounded vaguely like Mr. Gumby from Monty Python (not exactly, but I can't think of a better example ... just think vaguely-British big oaf), and the iguana had the exact same voice as Jake, the kangaroo rat in The Rescuers Down Under. I don't remember if the kangaroo talked.

Anyway, these critters, instead of giving us permission to land, proceeded to give us their life's stories. Apparently they were all rather depressed and wouldn't let us land until we made them feel better (presumably through dialog choices, 'cause y'know, it was an adventure game). The red bird was first, and he told us, "My name is Percy, and I'm the world's last living Yodeling Cupabara. I'm aalllll alooone..."[1]

Just as I started to try to come up with ways to make Percy feel better about his lot in life so they'd bloody let us land, the alarm went off, spoiling what had been a pretty enjoyable dream up to that point.

Interesting tidbit: I woke up remembering a plot hole that always bothered me about Rescuers Down Under ... they never went back to rescue the animals in McLeach's hideout! Did they starve to death with nobody to keep feeding them?

-The Gneech

[1] Note: "Cupabara" is not a real creature, although a search on Google reveals it to be a Russian band. I think my dream-brain, casting around for an exotic Australian bird tried to come up with "kookaburra," which is an Australian bird but is not at all exotic (it's sort of a brown crow), and mixed that with "capybara," which is a large South American rodent).

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