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Outlaw Star

laurie_robey and I started watching Outlaw Star last night. We watched the first three episodes (might have been four, they started to blur a bit).

The Good:
*Lots of slam-bang action
*Jumps right in and gets moving quickly, almost to the point of incomprehensibility
*A hero who gets space-sick is a neat twist

The Bad:
*A bit on the goofy side
*Music is weak
*Gene and Jim? Could you pick names any closer to each other for your hero and his sidekick? How about Bob and Rob?
*Speaking of Jim Gene, he's no Spike Spiegel. But then, this is no Cowboy Bebop.

On the whole, I suspect this will be enjoyable bubblegum, but in the long run won't hold my interest beyond watching once or twice. But it least it has an anime catgirl!

-The Gneech ("Nekojin rule!")
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