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Stupid Crap

Normally, I'm not prone to being a Helena Handbasket sort of person, but I gotta admit I'm troubled by all the STUPID CRAP going on lately. Normally, there's supposed to be a certain level of stupid crap, and you just shake your head and move on. But lately it's like somebody cranked the "Stupid Crap" knob up to 11 -- or possibly more StupidCrapitons have been falling from the sky. Whatever it is, the world seems to be going seriously haywire, in big ways and little ones. Here are some examples, in no particular order or level of seriousness.

Suicide Bombers
Yeah, these have been around for a long time, but my question is, where do they KEEP coming from? After a while, you'd think they'd all be dead! And, thereby, out of the gene pool. :-`

Lane's Over Here, Buddy
Almost every day now, on the commute to/from work, we encounter at least one and often two or three people who just can't keep their car in the traffic lane. They generally drift half a car-width into oncoming traffic, although often they drift off into the gutter instead. There are also big issues about things like stopping at red lights, and knowing when to go at a 4-way stop. When did driving become difficult? 0.o

Michael Eisner
'nuff said.

Virginia Gets Stoopid About Gay Marriage
Not content to just ban gay marriage, the VA legislature decided that in order to protect heterosexual marriage from the pink scourge, they would ban anything that might possibly be construed as having similar benefits to marriage to same-sex couples, so gays won't go around sneakily getting almost married. As of June 1, the state will no longer recognize several important legal constructs if they happen to be between same-sex partners, such as powers of attorney, custody arrangements, health insurance coverage for same-sex domestic partners, joint ownership of property, and wills leaving property to a same-sex partner. Of course, this may have unintended consequences, such as if a straight man with half a business dies and wants to leave the other half to his straight partner, if the partner is male, guess what, it's null and void. The fact that such a sloppy and bigoted piece of legislation got passed over a gubernatorial veto shows you just how far the idiots have come in their quest to take over. This is a new low for the land of sic semper tyranus. (I'm told that the last time there was a law specifically forbidding private contracts regarding distribution of property rights, it was to prevent slave owners from leaving property to their slaves. Is that really a time in our history that we want to emulate?)

LucasArts Canned Sam & Max???
For the past few years, LucasArts has been putting out basically two things: Star Wars games of varying quality, and non-Star Wars games that had nothing to go for them. Finally, they started working on something that actually looked promising and had the computer game community genuinely excited, and canned it, throwing all the time, money, and effort spent developing it down the drain, apparently because all the mediocre stuff they did in the past few years has tanked. Sam & Max already had a following, for crying out loud! Don't punish a game that actually looks good, just because stuff like "Armed and Dangerous" failed to raise any eyebrows!

This is just a random sampler, but you can see, I hope, why it's got me irritated. The idiots are out in force, brothers and sisters, and frankly I'm at a loss as to what to do about it!

-The Gneech
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