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Work, etc.

Work was tiring today, because we're having some regional muckety-mucks come through tomorrow and had to leave the store super-duper double-dog clean. Still, it was a pleasant evening ... business was slow, so we could concentrate on getting all the stuff done we needed to do.

Fortunately, I don't go in until 3:45 p.m. tomorrow, so I can sleep in a bit in the morning, and still have time to get Weds' (and maybe Friday's) strip done. Unfortunately, that may be the last chance I have to get anything done this week. Wednesday, my only day off until Sunday, I have what amounts to a day-long interview for the Circle job. Then, Laurie's parents are coming on Saturday and spending the night and driving back Sunday, which kills gaming prospects this weekend and also eats up my other day off.

Tomorrow, I need to take care of AC once and for all, check on jamesbarrett's D*C registration, do some laundry, draw my strips, and hopefully pick a doctor to check out this pinched nerve thing. I've got too much crud to do all the time!

-The Gneech

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