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Once Again, From bearblue

From the U.K.'s Telegraph, by way of the always-worth-a-look bearblue:

Bush and Blair Must Never Forget: If They Blink, They Lose -- Thoughts on the Iraq situation. Neither "Rah, rah!" nor "It's a calamity!" ... just thoughts.


As idiotic as our guys in Abu Ghraib were, to behead a prisoner for the crime of "being American" and then broadcast the video to the world in bloodthirsty joy is even stupider. Nothing built up support for Bush like 9/11 -- nothing is going to refresh that support like despicable murder. Compared to gleeful dismemberment, humiliating prisoners looks positively civilized.

*shudder* :(

I don't want the moral high ground to be "whoever committed the fewest atrocities."

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