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A Little Gaming Geekery

Just 'cause I haven't done any in, gosh, days!

CodeMonkeyPublishing says that the E-Tools 1.5 Patch is almost finished, which will finally add TEMPLATE SUPPORT to E-Tools (so if you want to have a fiendish half-dragon chimeric undead bugbear, E-Tools can support it), as well as fixing various bugs. Since the 3.5 data upgrade was, I'd consider, about 90% of the way there, this isn't quite as momentous, but it's still good news. The next version of E-Tools is likely to be the much-theorized "Complete rebuild from scratch by Code Monkey."

Alas, they also report that the 1.5 patch will probably require reinstalling again, but hopefully it won't also require putting characters in again.

Thinking back to this post, I've been doing some pondering about my game, or various games, and I'm thinking of adopting a "series" model, a la the BBC. See, the BBC generally doesn't make an open-ended series precisely ... they buy a "complete series" of six episodes, and if it's popular, they then buy another "complete series" of six more. I'm thinking of doing the same thing with my campaigns, since I have such a tendency to be flighty about things.

What I'll do, I figure, is come up with a handful of linked scenario ideas and treat that as the "complete campaign," with a beginning, middle, and end. Assuming the game goes well and everybody likes it, I'll then come up with another "complete campaign" that builds on the first one, where players can bring back their previous characters or build new ones. Using my current game as an example, I've come up with a few ideas for where it can go based on what's going on in Bissel and on what I know about the characters. I'll work those into a loose-but-discernible story arc and run through it, and when that comes to an end, that game will also end -- but then, assuming everyone wants to, I'll begin a new one that builds on it. (I know that jamesbarrett will probably want to keep playing Kyriela, if only for the chance to finally get her that tower she's been wanting.)

One side-effect of this, I suspect, will be to make the players less stingy with their potions, wands, and the like. Unique or favored items will transfer from one game to the next, but random disposable items probably will not. Another side-effect, hopefully, is I'll get to do more varied things without feeling guilty ... which in turn makes it more likely that I'll come back to something I've put aside in the future.

-The Gneech
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