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Shameless Pluggery and Other Stuff

Edit: Yipe! I'm full already! Thanks, everybody! I'll have to remember to run this one again soon... :)

In order to get my artistic juices flowing again, I decided on a project with a concrete deadline that would force me to work. Hence:

AnthroCon Badges!

Badges, badges, badges, badges, badges...To gear up for AnthroCon, I am offering six five1 custom 3"x5" laminated badges, as well as a high-resolution .TIF or .JPG file of the artwork, and a 100x100 pixel icon (LiveJournal users take note!) made from the same artwork. The cost is $20 if you want to pick it up at my dealer table at AC, or $25 if you want the badge mailed to you. There are only six five available, on a first-come, first-served basis, so either e-mail me, send me a PM via the SJ forum, or leave a comment in my LJ to put in your request soon! Payment can be done via personal check or Paypal.

1One was sold before the announcement even went up!

In other news, Little Dragon did a very cool piece of fanart of Leona here! Thanks, LD, I love it!

In other other news, Vince did a fun piece of fanart for neverwench here! Be on the lookout for Emperor Zurg to open a can of whupass on Cody at any moment.

-The Gneech
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