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Speaking of Artwork

If all goes as expected, by Dragon*Con I should have enough strips to make another Suburban Jungle book. The working title is Tough Breaks, and it includes the Tiffany/Conrad breakup, the acquisition of MegaHuge ConGloMaCo by Amalgatronix, the original Kitten Kaboodle offer and the revelation of Woody's sabotage, "When Wally Met Mikey," Leonard and Tiffany's first kiss, Glory's appearance on Leonard's doorstep, Litho's Magnificent Donkey, Byron's arrival, Yin's second encounter with the Old New No. 2, Ryan's appearance and Lagston's subsequent trip to jail, the current Leona story arc, and any strips that appear this summer.

Been a busy couple of years!

If previous experience is any guide, Tough Breaks might be available by MFF or Christmas, otherwise it should be out by FC 2005.

-The Gneech
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