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Orwell, Alive and Well

Orwell, Alive and Well

The thing that drives me most up the nearest wall about politics is the blinders people put on about it. It seems that people slap a (D) or an (R) next to their name and use that as an excuse to turn their brain off, and worse are willing to bend logic into all kinds of weird twisty ways in order to believe "their side" is right.

Some prominent recent examples:

I Feel a Draft
As people all over my LJ friends list have noted over the past couple of weeks, there are bills in the House and Senate right now that propose to require young people of either sex to go into government service towards homeland security -- in other words, conscription, in other words, the draft. Not necessarily into the military, mind you, but into government service somehow. (See Snopes article.)

Naturally, Bush-Haters Anonymous latch onto this and shriek, "OH MY GAAAWD HE'S SO EEEEVIL LOOK WHAT BUSH HAS DONE!" Very well and good, until you look at the bills and discover they were drafted and introduced by DEMOCRATS. So Democrats march us further towards a police state, and that means it would be good to elect Kerry?

Orwell, Alive and Well

Protect Us From the Pink Scourge!
Lest you think the left has a monopoly on madness, the furor about gay marriage has reached a fever pitch in many places. Virginia, as I've mentioned previously, wasn't content to ban gay marriage, but also banned anything that could possibly be construed to give the benefits of marriage -- on the grounds that if gays are ever allowed to marry, they will then want to prohibit HETEROSEXUALS from getting married. Why, da fuck, gays would want to do such a thing, is anybody's guess. But nevertheless, lawmakers get very upset when people don't effusively thank them for protecting us from all those horrible gays who wanted to settle down and live happily ever after.

Orwell, Alive and Well

Kerry Is a Jerk! Damn That Bush!
There was a big flap a while back about Kerry pretending that he couldn't speak French, because he thought that would cause some sort of backlash. A bonehead maneuver, right? I thought so; sure made Kerry look bad in my opinion. What was the reaction in various LJ's? "OH MY GAAAWD HE'S SO EEEEVIL LOOK WHAT BUSH HAS DONE!" Exsqueeze me?

Orwell, Alive and Well

Rhetoric I Like Is Free Speech; Rhetoric I Don't Is Inflammatory

Both sides are all over this. Dis the administration and get kicked out of high school; support the Republicans and get drummed out of college. Being right wing is hate speech. Being left wing is treasonous.

Orwell, Alive and Well

So I'm going to say this, loud and clear, even if chances are that the people who most need to hear it won't listen:


Your choices are Satan vs. Darth Vader, you got me? Don't try to tell me that your guy must be good because the other guy is so awful, because they're just flip sides of the same corrupt coin. Wail and gnash your teeth all you want about how bad Republicans are, the Democrats are just as bad. Bush's administration blows up weddings in Iraq; Clinton's administration blew up churches in the United States. (Remember Waco? There's liberal compassion for you.)

The Republicans lie, cheat, and steal. The Democrats lie, cheat, and steal.

The Republicans think the law is just something to be used to whatever end they want today. The Democrats think the law is just something to be used to whatever end they want today.

The Republicans attack liberty at every turn. The Democrats attack liberty at every turn.

Everybody's shouting at each other about how much better Tweedledee is than Tweedledum; and when you point out that Tweedledee is pulling the wings off flies, do they acknowledge it? No, they scream "But TWEEDLEDUM is BURNING UP ANTS WITH A MAGNIFIYING GLASS!"

Orwell, Alive and Well

I'm sick of it.

Use yer friggin' brains, people. We're all in the same damn handbasket.

-The Gneech

PS: I'm turning off comments on this because all I'd get otherwise is Tweedledum supporters defending the practice of pulling wings off flies on the grounds that Tweedledee forced him to do it.

Orwell, Alive and Well
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