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The Weekend!

And about $&#^@ time! This week has been three months long!

And not just any weekend, but a THREE DAY WEEKEND! Score!

Here's what I'm gonna do this weekend:

Kung fu! It's been two weeks since I went to class; if I don't go soon I'm going to forget the difference between my mabu and my gungbu!

Draw like it's goin' outa style! Now that I've got a bunch of badges that need doing before AC, I'd better start crankin' 'em out! I also need to do scripts and strips for next week, a Newsbox, and tonight I've got to come up with a Grab Bag for tomorrow.

See Van Helsing Again! The movie has legs, who'da guessed! It helps that Troy has been so limp, but I'm not pushing my luck. Van Helsing is still in the theaters this week, who knows how much longer it'll last?

Much to the annoyance of my parents, I'm not going to the family dinner thing on Saturday. Sorry Mom, but I have got to have this weekend or I'll be clawing at the walls.

Now if I could just get through today at work.

Stupid work!

-The Gneech
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