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In Other News ... BUGS!

As promised, cicadas! If you're faint of heart, don't click on these. :)

Photos c/o laurie_robey...
Yer ever-lovin', red-eyed cicada.

Two ever-lovin', red-eyed cicadas.

Several cicadas in the office shrubbery ... highlighted so you can spot 'em.

I'm rrrrrrrrready for my closeup! (The same plants as above.)

The closeup. My, what big eyes you have, grandma!

"Did you see me, dude? I totally had a closeup." "Ahhh, shaddup."

Your closeup is insignificant next to my shiny, shiny wings!

You guys are driving me up the wall!

Speaking of driving, we had a hitchhiker on the roof of the car this morning.

Does this car make me look fat?

Quicktime Movies, c/o My Clié (Narrated by The Gneech)
(Listen for the warble in the background.)

Move, dude!

There he goes!

Mutual of Omaha's Stupid Kingdom

A quite good recording of the warble, actually...

Not Cicadas at All, but Also On the Clié
Frisk the Puppy is confused! (Starring in order of appearance: Mütti, jamesbarrett, hantamouse, and laurie_robey. Notice my Starbucks cup near the bottom of the frame at one point...)

-The Gneech
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