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Best Game EVER

Justice, Inc. by Allston, Petersen, and StackpoleOf all the roleplaying games I've loved and lost, so to speak, Justice, Inc. has always held a near and dear place in my heart. In particular, satyrblade ran a Justice, Inc. "quasi-Cthulhu" campaign that is one of the highlights of my experiences as a player.

I have attempted to run Justice, Inc. a few times myself, with little success. The problem is that what I really want is to play it -- coming up with the plots and background information etc. sorta ruins it for me, if that makes sense. There are situations where you want to create, and situations where you want to consume; I'm happy to create fantasy campaigns, SF games, and so forth, but there are certain genres that I only really want to experience from a player POV, and Justice, Inc. is one of those.

I pulled out the books the other night and started rereading them wistfully; I doubt I'll do much but read through them once or twice and put them back. Various d20 games notwithstanding, I kinda think that the time of "pulp adventure" and period horror has more or less come and gone. But it's nice to reminisce about every once in a while.

-The Gneech
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