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I've been slowly picking up the occasional pack of the prepainted plastic D&D miniatures over the past few months, since Mage Knight has so effectively shot itself in the foot. While at the local comic store in search of I Hunt Monsters! #2 I snagged myself a pack and opened it up ... repeat, repeat, repeat ... Hey! Drizzt Duorden!

For those not up on Forgotten Realms lore, Drizzt is the Wolverine of D&D -- super-competent dark loner outcast drow-turned-good ranger with a tragic past yadda yadda yadda. Your basic 13-year-old macho-wanna-be gamer nerd identification character. ;) Knowing that it would drive the value of the Drizzt miniature up, he is a "rare," and I've read claims that he goes for $20 or more on eBay. Checking that out, I think it may be an exaggeration; at the moment, he only fetches ~$8.50. But still, not bad for a little plastic elf with two scimitars.

Not that I plan to sell him, at the moment, but who knows, I might at some point. :)

-The Gneech
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