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Campaign of Cosmic Obstruction

So on Saturday I'm drawing away, happy as a bug in a rug, when there's a knock on the door. I always cringe when that happens, because it's either somebody trying to raise funds for Some Terribly Worthy Cause That You Must Be a Heel If You Don't Want to Support, or our landlord, dropped by unannounced to get us to interpret various legal or monetary documents for him.

This time it was the latter; after a lengthy rant on how he is from Turkey, not Egypt, and how very American he is (because after all he was the chief engineer for the Department of State and has a photo of himself shaking hands with Colin Powell), he finally got to the point and asked us to explain the statements he gets from the property management company and why he's not getting as much money as he thinks he should be getting, even though we pay the rent on time every month.

Uh, yeah. Dude, we're not your accountants, okay? Maybe the fact that you're not getting as much money as you hoped is because you should replaced all the friggin' appliances before you rented out the place so they wouldn't turn around and fail on us every other month like clockwork.

Saturday night, Laurie ran Star Wars, which was fun. :) I was rather amused when I realized that she was running a scenario I ran myself back in Richmond, although most of the specifics were fairly different. Of course, time spent gaming is time spent not drawing.

Sunday I get up, eat breakfast, do laundry and various other errands, and it's noon. Le sigh. But now I can start drawing, woohoo! Pull out the pen and ... dead. Hrmph. Well, I'll toss it; that's why I always buy three or four at a time.

Pen #2: Dead.

Pen #3: Works. Okay. Now to pull out a thicker pen for doing a heavy line ... dead.

Right. Let's just go on out to lunch and go over to Michael's Arts & Crafts to get a whole new batch of pens, shall we? Except of course for the fact that apparently there's been a run on Micron pens. If I wanted to draw my strip in magenta ink, I'd be in great shape, but they only have one each in black.

Fine, look, one is all I need to draw today, and I'll get more later in the week.

Get home, do more laundry, and start drawing. Now it's 2:45 on Sunday and I'm finally getting started. This must be why I never seem to stay ahead! Harumph.

Net result of the weekend: Monday's strip goes up, Wednesday and Friday's strips are half-penciled, and I've got Kung Fu tonight, which will effectively prevent any real progress before Tuesday. Harumph!

The surreal part of it all is that, as frustrating as all this is, I'm well aware that on the grand scale of things I've got it very good. Nobody's shooting at me, I'm healthy and have a good job, etc. ... there are lots of people who would love to have their biggest frustration be that they didn't get any drawing done over the weekend.

So ... I'm not complaining. :)

-The Gneech
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