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Art Supplies, Dammit!

One of the things I need to do for AC is to figure out just what I'm going to take in the way of art supplies. I took that lovely leather case of 144 Prismacolor markers to FC04 and found, much to my consternation, that it was too bulky for practical use -- not to mention the fact that I only ended up using about 40 markers total. But they weren't the markers I was expecting to use a lot of, it just sort of ended up that way -- so deciding which ones to actually take is something of a challenge.

There's also the fact that many sketchbooks don't seem up to the task of supporting marker ink; some of the pics I did at FC04 were all but destroyed by marker ink going squiiiiidge all over the page. So what I'm going to have to do, it seems, is to mix marker-and-pencil.

But then there's the matter of transporting -- and identifying the pencils. The pencils aren't clearly labeled the way the markers are, so while it's easy to tell, say, "candy apple red" from "yellow ochre," it's considerably more difficult to tell "candy apple red" from "paprika" just by sight -- but they look very different when applied to the paper, and woe betide the artist who uses the wrong one!

The Prismacolor markers and pencils are supposed to be analogs of each other -- i.e., the "yellow ochre" marker and the "yellow ochre" pencil are supposed to be fairly close to each other in appearance. But I haven't worked with them enough to be comfortable using them. I got nobody to blame but myself -- I know I need to practice (and for that matter, I know I need to finish commissions I owe to various people, such as thirdhorse). But I also need to work, sleep, exercise, and occasionally even play. I sometimes feel like doing a regular strip is one of the main obstacles to the improvement of my art ... take a look at cody_frost to see what I mean.

The nice thing about AC is that I'll be driving, and as such I can take the whole kit and kaboodle of markers and pencils with me easily. But I can't really keep them all at the table in the dealer room or carry them around with me; just too bulky.

Logistics, my dear McGillicuddy. Half of everything is logistics!

-The Gneech
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